Lenore, Part 3: His Anger


Her exploits shook poor Edgar to the core,
So his anger into words he did pour;
Like at his cask story’s end,
Of her motives, he penned,
“For the love of cock, Montressor.”

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This limerick alludes to Poe’s infamous short story The Cask of Amontillado, published in 1846, which describes how the narrator, Montressor, under the pretext of an exclusive wine-tasting, lures his rival Furtunato into catacombs to exact his revenge. In the end, the victim is chained to the wall in a niche, where he’s left to die, sealed in by a newly erected wall. This manner of grotesque death is called immurement, which literally means “walling in.” Being buried alive is similar, but is not, strictly speaking, the same thing.

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