Limericks, Rated PG

The Bidet

Plumb easy to use, the bidet,
With just a few splashes a day,
Freshens up front and back,
From your junk to your crack,
And washes dingleberries away.

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A dingleberry is a particle or clod of fecal matter that clings to the anal hair or hindquarters of an animal. According to Wikipedia, regionally the moniker also applies to the Southern Mountain Cranberry (Vaccinium erythrocarpum), also known as the orando. In American slang, the term is used to humorously describe an inept, stupid or foolish person, in much the same way that dildo is pejoratively used. According to Wikipedia: Bidet is a French loanword meaning ‘pony’ due to the straddling position adopted in its usage.”

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