Limericks, Rated PG


When playing online, the main drags,
Are firefights disrupted by lags,
Which render the game
A lesson in shame
From the barrage of enemy teabags.

Technopedia describes lag in games as the decrease in speed due to extreme network congestion or insufficient processing power. It is also the failure of the game to respond promptly to user input via, say, a game controller or mouse. Teabagging is mostly a first-person shooter phenomenon. The slang term refers to the act of gloating over an opponent’s dead body, while repeatedly crouching and standing to simulate lowering one’s scrotum onto the enemy’s face. The name comes from how the act crudely resembles dipping a tea bag into a hot cup of water. Although one could make the argument that it constitutes desecration of a virtual corpse, the real horror is probably the drawing out of the defeated player’s humiliation as emasculatingly long as possible.

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