Limericks, Rated R


The popular term we’ve all heard,
“Mansplaining,” is simply absurd:
For men, too, can confer
An analogous slur,
Like this “cuntescending” new word.

A portmanteau, “mainsplaining” is a feminist concoction meant to describe the phenomenon of a man explaining something, usually to a woman, in an offensively overconfident, clueless, inaccurate or simplified manner. Without getting into a deep conversation about how male brains are hardwired to seek immediately actionable measures to solve problems or that men are socialized to show strength and confidence by taking control of a situation, even when they feel powerless and doubtful, the word “mansplaining” itself just isn’t witty or cute. Countering an offensive practice with insulting, stereotyping language undermines the larger objective of achieving gender parity. Stumpy here knowingly mimics the stupidity to prove the point. Instead of trading barb for barb, elevate the discourse. Show that demeaning or maligning all men—or all women, for that matter—ultimately does more harm than good.

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