Limericks, Rated R


Brainiac Portmanteau’s a fugly nerd,
A fucktard who sexts Ebonics he’s heard;
He eats brunch with a spork,
Like a craptacular dork,
And once sharted a turducken turd.

Internet sexcapades with a tween
In Texarkana’s bicurious scene
Inspired snarky blogs
About labradoodle dogs
And a cosplay bromance with a queen.

With a televangelist preacher
And some workaholic teacher
Infomercials were webcast,
Along with sitcoms en masse,
And a prequel dramedy feature.

Gaydar avionics bloopers,
Caused cyborg shemale paratroopers
To napalm a cineplex
Before chillaxing sex
With some sheeple’s mangina poopers.

According to Wikipedia, portmanteau is a new word created by blending two or more morphemes. Some are so common now, you may not realize they are even portmanteaus, such as Velcro and Microsoft!

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