Aliens: Sulaco Transmission


Weyland-Yutani Corporation:
Sorry we nuked your installation.
Marine Corporal Hicks,
P.S. – Ripley needs a vacation.

See also Alien: Ash.

According to Xenopedia: “The USS Sulaco was a Conestoga-class troop transport ship in service with the United States Colonial Marine Corps, assigned to 2nd Battalion Bravo Team. It was most notably used in the investigation of the Hadley’s Hope colony on Acheron (LV-426) in 2179, when it was manned by Lieutenant Scott Gorman’s combat unit of Colonial Marines. The Sulaco was considered an unlucky ship — it was the thirteenth Conestoga-class vessel to be constructed and had something of an infamous reputation in the USCM. It was ultimately commandeered by Weyland-Yutani PMCs and destroyed in orbit above LV-426 in a confrontation with another Conestoga-class vessel, the USS Sephora.”

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