Limericks, Rated PG

Miss Buxom

On Titanic, Miss Buxom did jest,
“Boys, I’m blessed with pontoons on my chest,
“Should this vessel go down,
“I’ll surely not drown,
“But continue to float to the west.”

Since fat floats, breasts float. Generally speaking, the bigger the boob, the more buoyant it is. According to Wikipedia: “The Mae West was a common nickname for the first inflatable life preserver, which was invented in 1928 by Peter Markus (1885–1974) (US Patent 1694714), with his subsequent improvements in 1930 and 1931. The nickname originated because someone wearing the inflated life preserver often appeared to be as physically endowed as the actress Mae West. It was popular during the Second World War with U.S. Army Air Forces and Royal Air Force servicemen, who were issued inflatable Mae Wests as part of their flight gear. Air crew members whose lives were saved by use of the Mae West (and other personal flotation devices) were eligible for membership in the Goldfish Club.”

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