Limericks, Rated G

Star Trek: The Replicators

When Starfleet sent Enterprise into space,
The replicators worked well to replace
The uniforms for the crew,
Both the yellow and the blue,
But for reds, they couldn’t keep pace.

The Enterprise’s complement of 430 consists of 55 gold-shirted command/helm personnel, 136 blue-shirted science/medical personnel and 239 red-shirted engineering/operations/security personnel. For a fun statistical analysis, see Matthew Barsalou’s Significance article, in which he concludes: “What is truly hazardous is […] being a member of the security department. [They] were only 20.9% of the entire crew, but there is a 61.9% chance that the next casualty is in a redshirt and 64.5% chance this red-shirted victim is a member of the security department.” Jim Frost on Minitab confirms these findings via other number-crunching methods.

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