Limericks, Rated R

Rooster at the Gate

Rooster stood in the barnyard and squawked
At the gate, closed securely and locked;
“Just as I predicted,
“The hens are restricted,
“So again I’ve been fucking cock-blocked!”

From “14 Fun Facts About Chickens” on and Animal Corner: There are 25 billion chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) in the world, more than any other single bird species. Dutch bantam, leghorn and Rhode Island red are some of the 150 breeds. Their lifespan is about 6 years on average, but some have made it to 20 years. Hens lay an egg about every 25 hours. It incubates for three weeks before a chick emerges. A rooster’s dance called tidbitting is composed of headbobbing, food-dropping, ground-scratching and vocalizing. Females seem to prefer males that tidbit frequently.

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