Limericks, Rated R

Rufus Brown

The blind pedophile, Rufus Brown,
Used his dick to tap around town;
Every day without fail,
You could follow his trail
Of pecker-tracks straight to the playground.

Interestingly, according to a self-professed pedophile: “A pedophile, by definition, is a person that is attracted to children, usually children that are under the age of 13 (prepubescent children). A pedophile hasn’t necessarily molested a kid, just as a child molester isn’t necessarily a pedophile. There is no relation between a child molester and pedophile in most cases. Although there may be a few child molesters who are pedophiles, this just isn’t the case in most circumstances. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder characterized by a primary or exclusive interest toward children.” Molestation is more about opportunistic sexual gratification than sexual orientation, he claims. By the way, a “pecker-track” is a trail left behind by the drippage of (pre)ejaculate from an aroused male.

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