Lyrics, Rated G

Whispers of Light

The frigid void in darkness sprawls
Between stars, strewn so far apart
That their ancient, beckoning calls
Traverse the eons to impart
Whispers of light to us.

Some suns burn out and shine no more;
Their visages dim and grow cold,
Collapsing down to a dense core,
Where they trade their halos of gold
For black star horizons.

Yet, other amber stellar crowns
Paint dawn’s colors across the sky
To coax new life from barren grounds,
As gently as a lover’s sigh,
And rouse the blooms of spring.

Few among us will ever know
The caresses of those bright rays
For most suffer the great sorrow
Of wandering for all their days,
Abandoned to shadow.

And then there are the lucky ones
Who bask in the warm embrace
Of most special, radiant suns
Each with a splendid, beaming face
That shines high in the heavens.

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