Limericks, Rated PG

Powerful Totems

Elephants have long persevered
As animals tribes have revered
As powerful totems,
Even though they lack scrotums,
Which is somewhat ironic and weird.

Unlike most mammals, bull elephants do not have descended scrotal testicles. Same deal for hyraxes, dugongs and manatees. Instead, their nuts reside up inside the body near the kidneys. Now, for certain creatures, like cetaceans, some seals and bats, hippos, tapirs and rhinos, the testes do descend, but not to an external scrotum. For instance, kangaroos’ balls are above the penis. And, in the course of researching elephant scrota, Stumpy came across an article about a guy who made a fortune selling Neuticles, prosthetic dog testes! Sources: ScienceNews, Grist

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