Limericks, Rated R

Trinh’s Punani

On its own, without being taught,
Trinh’s loquacious punani got
A bad rap for too much talk,
Such that neighbor folk balk
And call it “that chatterbox twat.”

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Trinh is a Vietnamese name that means a girl who’s never had intercourse, analogous perhaps to “Virginia” or “Chastity” in English. The entymology of “punani,” meaning vulva, differs, depending on whom you ask. Wiktionary posits the Jamaican Creole word punaany, which may come from French putain (meaning “whore”) via English poon (“vagina”). “Poontang” may be related. Then again, it is possibly from Hawaiian Puanani, meaning “beautiful flower.” Some said from the East Indian Tamil pundai or even the Latin word pudēre, meaning to cause shame.

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