Limericks, Rated R

The Trekkie Version

According to the website Gawker,
There’s a trekkie version of The Shocker,
That puts two in the pink
With two in the stink,
And Shatner owns the rights to “The Spocker.”

David Hiskey of Today I Found Out writes: “The iconic ‘live long and prosper’ hand gesture was originally a Jewish sign.” It’s a slight modification of the Hebrew letter Shin, which represents the name Shaddai, meaning “Almighty” (God). Orthodox jews of the Kohanim—priests patrilineally descended from Ahron, the Levite tribe—still use it in priestly blessings. Leonard Nimoy came up with the idea of adopting it in Star Trek. It first appeared in the episode “Amok Time.” Don’t know what The Shocker is? Fuck, man, see Urban Dictionary.

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