Limericks, Rated R

Honey’s Stash

A thrifty streetwalker named Honey
Stashed all of her cash in her cunny;
So, as her kitty grew,
Every broke john she’d screw,
Would hope that he’d come into money.

Word-play here regards kitty, which can mean a “collection of money, usually reserved for a special purpose” and a euphemism for “cat,” in the same way pussy can mean either “cat” or “female sex organs.” Come into money means “to suddenly or unexpectedly acquire funds via inheritance or similar means” or “to ejaculate into cash.” Props to Honey, who at least was saving up for the noble cause of getting her 27 depressed cats on feline Zoloft before the county stepped in to euthanize them. On the other hand, an idiot named Nawal Msaad was nabbed smuggling €20,000 worth of rolled-up bills in her coochie. The money was intended to finance Syrian jihadis. Sounds like a situation in which the bank would insist that you launder the money!

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