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Ashley Madison Lookup

Ashley Madison

Is your significant other a cheating dirtbag? Here's how you find out.

Just enter a search string in the field below. Typically, it's a whole or partial name or email address. Understandably, there's great demand for this service at the moment, so please be patient. It can take some time to connect to the Naples server housing the database, and the search itself can take several minutes.

36.4 million profiles scanned.
Positive match found for !

Relax, this is a joke. The search results are fake. Anything you put in there from Mikhail Gorbachev to Kermit the Frog will come back positive. But for millions of philandering members of, the data breach that outed them to the world is all too embarrassingly real. Apparently, as of this writing, Canadian authorities have confirmed two suicides associated with this unprecedented customer profile leak.

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