Limericks, Rated PG

Trump Ain’t Racist

Trump ain’t racist toward ragheads,
Coolies, jigaboos or redneck inbreds;
Same for the injuns and hymies,
Beaners, wops and limeys
And the micks, spics and zipperheads.

It’s obvious that Donald Trump figures
That worse than the hadjis and niggers
Are the chinks, slopes and gooks
Heebs, polacks and spooks,
And poor cracker trailer park wiggers.

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If you don’t know all these ethnic slurs, count yourself lucky. Most assuredly, Trump knows and uses them. The worst part is that there are tens of millions of Americans who now feel emboldened enough to slink out of the shadows and spew their hatred and bigotry unabashedly in the light of day.

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